Rates & FAQ


Home (Iowa, Chicago, the Midwest writ large)

6 hours- 3500

4 hours- 2500

3 hours- 2000

Up to 2 hours- 1500

Away (Coasts, abroad)

6 hours- 4000 (minimum FMTY within the U.S.)

4 hours- 3500

3 hours- 3000

Up to 2 hours- 2000

Extended (everywhere)

Overnight- 5000

Full day- 9000

Weekend/2 days- 15000

Week- 30000


Contact me for more information about extended dates and additional offerings.


Location, location, location- what are your incall and outcall options?

I always offer an incall space, whether I’m in my home base (eastern Iowa and Chicago) or on the road. I’m equally fond of playing host and guest, and am happy to come to your hotel as well- let me know if you’d like an outcall recommendation.

Covid-19 protocols?

Community health is a team effort. I’m fully vaccinated (double + boosted), and I ask that all my dates be as well. Drop me a line to let me know that you’ve received yours- nothing gets me off like seeing your concern for yourself, me, and others in action.

Earthly desires?

Gifts make for the most thoughtful opener, and always make my day. I love strong teas, candied ginger and fruits, pastries of all kinds, and being introduced to new delights- surprise me! I’m partial to things that keep me warm and/or eager to remove my clothes. If specific recommendations are more up your alley, you can find a list here.

How do I say your name?

Loudly, I hope 😉 Rhymes with Maya, “ch” as in “challah” and “chutzpah”. If your throat doesn’t like gutteral sounds, pronouncing it “Hiya” is perfectly fine, and endearing- especially if you say it with a little wave.

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