Hi there =)

I’m Chaya, a pert and playful companion in the Midwest. I’m always hungry for human connection, and I love helping others explore their most intimate relationship- the one with themselves- with a partner. Whether you’re looking for someone to take control, trade volleys, or follow your lead, I love co-creating exchanges that have the potential to challenge and nurture us both.

A bit about me- I live in eastern Iowa with a handful of people and animals, and a staggering amount of corn. When I’m not in the field, I like to read, hike, dance, sew, schmooze with loved ones, tinker around the stove and garden, and spend time on my excellent couch.

What I’m into: I like teasing and being teased (make me blush and I’ll follow you anywhere!), directness makes me kvell, and nothing grounds me better than touching another person. I adore when people let me boss them around, as well as when they return the favor. I’m keen on money, but know-how- and people who like to acquire and share it- continue to top my list of turn-ons.

The surest way to make me happy (aside from holding my face) is to unwind with me, and let me do the same with you. Tell me about your day, indulge my many questions, give me the chance to figure out what you like best- and you’ll have me over the moon.

Back to you! You’re here because you also want to tap into that sense of freedom and aliveness that desire kicks up. You’re on the hunt for a stress break, a space to recharge, a new adventure, or some combination of all three. You’re ready to make your fantasies more tangible, with the added energy and support that comes with collaboration- and you’re not afraid to go off-road in your pursuit. Chemistry and getting that *click* are vital, and I want us both to be able to receive (and give) the kind of care and attention we seek. Let’s give it a go, hop the fence, and start charting our way.

Til then 🙂

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